Thursday, May 24, 2012

Front porch progress!

The stairs on the front of our porch were beginning to look a little rough, and the side stairs that my Dad built for us needing a coat of paint. So we decided it was time to take on the project of painting the front porch! We got a TON of paint color samples from Lowe's and Home Depot and lined them along the side of our house and slowly narrowed it down to two different shades of grey.

Here are the new stairs, I wish I would have saved the before picture on my phone, but I'm at the library and I left my camera at home! The stairs that were there before we only in the very middle, so if you stepped off the side of the porch you'd fall right off. They just floated in the middle and looked a little out of place. The new ones are awesome, we love them so much.

Here's after we had painted the porch, you can see the old color on the stairs. The color is very similar to what was already there, which was a complete coincidence! We decided we wanted to do some sort of pattern on the porch, something that wouldn't be super noticeable until you walked up to the house. We went with a sunburst pattern. The night before I was going to paint I taped off the pattern so I could get right to painting the following morning.

The finished product, before the furniture was back on the porch!

The side stairs are my favorite part :) The stained glasses window hanging above the swing we got during Shrimp Boat in Fernandina this year.

 My parents bought us the porch swing for Christmas, and my Dad hung it up a few weeks ago. We spend so much more time on the porch now! Cash loves swinging on the swing and playing with his cars on the new stairs.