Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One year later: The master bedroom

We really haven't done much other then painting in this room, though we do have big plans for it in the future!

This was taken from the main entrance to the bedroom, which leads into the kitchen nook. This is looking into the left corner of the room. The bathroom is near the bottom left and the door to the backyard is on the far right. The round white circle you see is from the old wood burning stove that was in the room at some point.

We just recently rearranged our furniture, it doesn't photograph well in this layout but it makes so much more sense. The dresser you see we got from a neighbor that was looking to get rid of it (I posted about it before). Not to long after we got the dresser, they brought over a matching nightstand which I just painted to match since with the new furniture layout we had room for it.

This was taken from the bathroom door way, looking out into the right corner of the room. The door to the backyard is to the right of this picture.

One of the biggest things I didn't understand about the before of this room was why they left the wall above the picture rail white? It shortened the room so much! After we painted it felt like out room grew a foot. I also really love the white picture rail up against the dark paint color.

This was taken from where the wood burning stove used to sit. The door to the backyard is on the left, the open door you see in the main entrance into the kitchen nook, just past the main door is the door into the playroom, and the closet doors are on your right. Just past the closet doors is the bathroom.


This was taken from the door that leads into the playroom, the main entrance door is to the right, the door you see on the left is to the second closet.

Once Cash moves into his own room I'm not sure what we will put where his bed is! I'm very excited to decorate his room, but not yet ready for him to be so far away!

What we've done
- Painted the walls and trim
- Replaced the light fixture
- Replaced the switch plate covers
- Replaced all the blinds (five windows and one door)

What we'd like to do
- Replace the door to the backyard. Its rotting near the bottom, we love the door though so we hope to replace it with the same type.
- Rip out the paneling and replace with drywall.
- Rip out the drop ceiling and replace with either drywall or bead board, just depends on whats going on up there! This is the one thing I'm most curious and excited for. Hopefully we can do it in the next few years!

I'm going to post the living room/dining room next. We are still wrapping up a few projects in there, so I want to get it all finished before posting about it. We have done the most in there and I am so so excited about it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

One year later: The hall bathroom

Aside from paint and hanging pictures we have not done a thing to this bathroom! Although we did have to replace basically everything inside of the toilet (all the screws, inner workings, wax ring, etc) but that isn't all that exciting to write about!





What we've done
  • Painted the walls, beadboard, and trim
What we'd like to do
  • Add crown moulding
  • Rip out the jacuzzi tub and replace with a claw foot tub
  • Rip out the wall tile and replace
  • Rip out the laminate flooring and replace with hexagon tile
  • Replaced the blinds with plantation shutters

One year later: The master bathroom

The master bathroom is TINY! I mean really tiny! So taking pictures of it isn't all that easy. From talking with my neighbor and from the looks of the bathroom we believe it was either added in the 50's or remodeled in the 50's.

This was taken from the doorway, the only place you can actually take a picture from! ha ha




Not much of a change huh? The walls were white when we moved in and we painted them a very light shade of grey, so light that you really can't tell much from the pictures. Not much else would work with the pink and grey tile!

This is the biggest change to the bathroom and I unfortunately can not find a before picture. We added a faux tin ceiling. I love it so much!

What we've done
  • Added the faux tin ceiling
  • Replaced the shelf with a small cabinet I found in a thrift store and painted
  • Replaced the blinds with cellular shades
  • Replaced the sink faucet
  • Painted the walls
  • Removed the old shower door track
What we'd like to do
  • Right now not much else can be done. The only thing that jumps out is replacing the handle on the toilet. How exciting!
  • ONE day I'd love to rip out all the tile and paneling and replace it with white subway tile and hexagon tiles on the floor.

Monday, June 11, 2012

One year later: The kitchen

So far we've done the most to the kitchen!

This was taken standing in the kitchen nook area. The laundry room is to the left, and the main entrance to the kitchen is to the right of the stove.


This is the kitchen nook area. The picture is taken from the main entrance of the kitchen. The laundry room is to the right and the door to the master bedroom is to the left.


This was taken from the main entrance of the kitchen. The door you see is to the laundry room, the nook area is to the left of the door.


This is between the main entrance to the kitchen and the kitchen nook area. The picture was taken from the sink area.


What we've done
  • Replaced the refrigerator
  • Put in new vinyl flooring
  • Replaced the kitchen blinds with cellular shades
  • Painted all trim, doors, and windows
  • Painted the walls
  • Replaced the shelves
  • Replaced the counter tops
  • Replaced the sink and faucet
  • Painted the inside and outside of all the cabinets and drawers
  • Replaced all the cabinet pulls and hinges
  • Added crown moulding above the wall of cabinets
  • Replaced the light fixture above the sink
  • Replaced the quarter round along the baseboards
  • Built the chalkboard box around the hot water heater
  • Installed microwave and toaster inside the cabinet about hot water heater
What we'd like to do
  • Replace the blinds in the kitchen nook with cellular shade
  • Replace all outlets, switches, and switch plate covers to white (they are almond right now)
  • Install a back splash
  • Build a cabinet to go next to the stove
  • Install dog door on laundry room door. There was one previously, and it would look nicer the the sheet we have there now! The cats like to hang out in there.

One year later: The playroom

Cash's playroom in the second bedroom in our house, you can access it through the hallway or through the master bedroom. The previous owner used it as a office. It makes for a great playroom, as Cash grows it will change with him to suit his needs. I imagine at some point in will become a den where he can watch movies or play games with friends.

This is looking in from the doorway in the master bedroom. The door you see is the closet.


This is standing in the corner near the windows. The doorway you see goes out into the hallway. You can see into the living room also. To the right of the doorway is the closet pictured in the previous before picture.


This is taken from the doorway into the hallway. Windows on the left and the doorway into the master bedroom is on the right (you can see a sliver of the door casing).


What we've done
  • Not much aside from decorating!
  • Replaced the light fixture. The fixture was in the dining room when we moved in, I recovered it and installed it in the playroom.
  • Repainted the outside of the door to the hallway
What we'd like to do
  • Install shelving in the closet. Right now there is just a hanging rod which serves no purpose in a playroom. Shelving would make a ton more storage space.
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling. Its the only room in our house with a popcorn ceiling and I'm not a fan!
  • Replace the blinds with cellular shades.
  • Repaint all trim and doors

One year later: The front of our bungalow

We are nearing the one year anniversary of moving into our house! We closed on our house June 3, 2011 and then rented back to seller for a month. We moved in on July 3, 2011. I wanted to make a big post of before and after pictures and list the things we've done so far and what we'd still like to do. I figured it'd be much to big for one post so I'm going to break it up into a few over the next month.

Our house the day we looked at it for the first time, I don't have one from the day we moved in but it looked basically the same minus the flag, boat, porch furniture, and wreath.

Here's our house today, a little over a year after closing and almost one year after moving in. Not a HUGE change, but we've done a lot of little things.

What we've done
  • Added stairs the the side of the porch
  • Painted the porch and stairs
  • Replaced the ceiling fan/light and carport light
  • Added a porch swing
What we'd like to do
  • Rip up the driveway and replace with pavers. Right now we have a paver walk way and the driveway under the carport is pavers, so we'd like to continue the pavers through out the entire driveway.
  • Install gutters along the side of the carport to help with the flooding in the carport during a heavy rain. We'd hook the gutter up to our rain barrel to make it more efficient in collecting rain water.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Front porch progress!

The stairs on the front of our porch were beginning to look a little rough, and the side stairs that my Dad built for us needing a coat of paint. So we decided it was time to take on the project of painting the front porch! We got a TON of paint color samples from Lowe's and Home Depot and lined them along the side of our house and slowly narrowed it down to two different shades of grey.

Here are the new stairs, I wish I would have saved the before picture on my phone, but I'm at the library and I left my camera at home! The stairs that were there before we only in the very middle, so if you stepped off the side of the porch you'd fall right off. They just floated in the middle and looked a little out of place. The new ones are awesome, we love them so much.

Here's after we had painted the porch, you can see the old color on the stairs. The color is very similar to what was already there, which was a complete coincidence! We decided we wanted to do some sort of pattern on the porch, something that wouldn't be super noticeable until you walked up to the house. We went with a sunburst pattern. The night before I was going to paint I taped off the pattern so I could get right to painting the following morning.

The finished product, before the furniture was back on the porch!

The side stairs are my favorite part :) The stained glasses window hanging above the swing we got during Shrimp Boat in Fernandina this year.

 My parents bought us the porch swing for Christmas, and my Dad hung it up a few weeks ago. We spend so much more time on the porch now! Cash loves swinging on the swing and playing with his cars on the new stairs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chevron love!

We painted the fireplace a few weeks ago. I definitely realize some people might think its a little out there, but we love it so much more then before! Plus its paint, so when/if we get sick of it it'll be easy to change.

It was HARD to do! I made a stencil, traced it on, and then painted each stripe. It took forever! And its not even finished yet, I'm still working on the sides.

 We have some very excited things happening at our house in the next two weeks! I am SO excited about it! We are having colonnade bookcases built in between the dining room and living room. At some point there was a wall of some sort separating the two rooms and someone removed it. We want to try and  keep things as original as possible structurally so we wanted to put it back. Rather then just doing a wall, we decided to go for the more traditional look of the bookcases and columns. I will for sure post a ton of pictures when its finished! Its being built this week and hopefully installed next week!

New couch!

We bought a new couch! We found a really good deal and couldn't pass it up.

 It was brown when we bought it, so we went out a bought a light grey slip cover. I love it, it is so so comfortable!

Then we got the back cushions tufted and I love it so much more! We still want to switch out the legs for a more tapered style though.
(The chihuahuas approve!)

We also painted the living room, dining room, and hallway. Its a light grey and we love it so much more! It was a blue grey before, which we liked, but I wanted a more true grey color. I need to take some better pictures, but I sorta forgot we had painted!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cash's Playroom

Here is Cash's playroom! I made that picture using the Photosynth app on my iPhone. It pieces pictures together to make one big picture, which is why it looks a little funny. Its a fun way to get everything in the picture though. The new rug came today and we really love it! Its a Flor rug, Metadoodle in the color Blingy Bronze.

 I would like to add some floating shelves above the bookcase to put the Ugly Dolls on. I would also like to put floor to ceiling shelving in the closet to add more storage. Right now we have a dresser in there, but we would have way more usable storage if we put in shelves. To the right of the bookcase is a door that goes into our bedroom, and to the left is the windows.

 This is the wall across from the windows, and in between the doors that leave the playroom.

To the right of the dresser is the closet, and to the left is the door to the hallway.
(You can click any picture to make them bigger)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I hung up some shelves in the playroom yesterday, and made some curtains that Im going to hang today. We also ordered a new rug from Flor that should be here tomorrow, and then I'm going to finally post pictures of the whole room! There are still a few things I would like to do, but for the most part it is finished!