Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chevron love!

We painted the fireplace a few weeks ago. I definitely realize some people might think its a little out there, but we love it so much more then before! Plus its paint, so when/if we get sick of it it'll be easy to change.

It was HARD to do! I made a stencil, traced it on, and then painted each stripe. It took forever! And its not even finished yet, I'm still working on the sides.

 We have some very excited things happening at our house in the next two weeks! I am SO excited about it! We are having colonnade bookcases built in between the dining room and living room. At some point there was a wall of some sort separating the two rooms and someone removed it. We want to try and  keep things as original as possible structurally so we wanted to put it back. Rather then just doing a wall, we decided to go for the more traditional look of the bookcases and columns. I will for sure post a ton of pictures when its finished! Its being built this week and hopefully installed next week!

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