Saturday, June 23, 2012

One year later: The master bathroom

The master bathroom is TINY! I mean really tiny! So taking pictures of it isn't all that easy. From talking with my neighbor and from the looks of the bathroom we believe it was either added in the 50's or remodeled in the 50's.

This was taken from the doorway, the only place you can actually take a picture from! ha ha




Not much of a change huh? The walls were white when we moved in and we painted them a very light shade of grey, so light that you really can't tell much from the pictures. Not much else would work with the pink and grey tile!

This is the biggest change to the bathroom and I unfortunately can not find a before picture. We added a faux tin ceiling. I love it so much!

What we've done
  • Added the faux tin ceiling
  • Replaced the shelf with a small cabinet I found in a thrift store and painted
  • Replaced the blinds with cellular shades
  • Replaced the sink faucet
  • Painted the walls
  • Removed the old shower door track
What we'd like to do
  • Right now not much else can be done. The only thing that jumps out is replacing the handle on the toilet. How exciting!
  • ONE day I'd love to rip out all the tile and paneling and replace it with white subway tile and hexagon tiles on the floor.

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