Monday, June 11, 2012

One year later: The playroom

Cash's playroom in the second bedroom in our house, you can access it through the hallway or through the master bedroom. The previous owner used it as a office. It makes for a great playroom, as Cash grows it will change with him to suit his needs. I imagine at some point in will become a den where he can watch movies or play games with friends.

This is looking in from the doorway in the master bedroom. The door you see is the closet.


This is standing in the corner near the windows. The doorway you see goes out into the hallway. You can see into the living room also. To the right of the doorway is the closet pictured in the previous before picture.


This is taken from the doorway into the hallway. Windows on the left and the doorway into the master bedroom is on the right (you can see a sliver of the door casing).


What we've done
  • Not much aside from decorating!
  • Replaced the light fixture. The fixture was in the dining room when we moved in, I recovered it and installed it in the playroom.
  • Repainted the outside of the door to the hallway
What we'd like to do
  • Install shelving in the closet. Right now there is just a hanging rod which serves no purpose in a playroom. Shelving would make a ton more storage space.
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling. Its the only room in our house with a popcorn ceiling and I'm not a fan!
  • Replace the blinds with cellular shades.
  • Repaint all trim and doors

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