Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One year later: The master bedroom

We really haven't done much other then painting in this room, though we do have big plans for it in the future!

This was taken from the main entrance to the bedroom, which leads into the kitchen nook. This is looking into the left corner of the room. The bathroom is near the bottom left and the door to the backyard is on the far right. The round white circle you see is from the old wood burning stove that was in the room at some point.

We just recently rearranged our furniture, it doesn't photograph well in this layout but it makes so much more sense. The dresser you see we got from a neighbor that was looking to get rid of it (I posted about it before). Not to long after we got the dresser, they brought over a matching nightstand which I just painted to match since with the new furniture layout we had room for it.

This was taken from the bathroom door way, looking out into the right corner of the room. The door to the backyard is to the right of this picture.

One of the biggest things I didn't understand about the before of this room was why they left the wall above the picture rail white? It shortened the room so much! After we painted it felt like out room grew a foot. I also really love the white picture rail up against the dark paint color.

This was taken from where the wood burning stove used to sit. The door to the backyard is on the left, the open door you see in the main entrance into the kitchen nook, just past the main door is the door into the playroom, and the closet doors are on your right. Just past the closet doors is the bathroom.


This was taken from the door that leads into the playroom, the main entrance door is to the right, the door you see on the left is to the second closet.

Once Cash moves into his own room I'm not sure what we will put where his bed is! I'm very excited to decorate his room, but not yet ready for him to be so far away!

What we've done
- Painted the walls and trim
- Replaced the light fixture
- Replaced the switch plate covers
- Replaced all the blinds (five windows and one door)

What we'd like to do
- Replace the door to the backyard. Its rotting near the bottom, we love the door though so we hope to replace it with the same type.
- Rip out the paneling and replace with drywall.
- Rip out the drop ceiling and replace with either drywall or bead board, just depends on whats going on up there! This is the one thing I'm most curious and excited for. Hopefully we can do it in the next few years!

I'm going to post the living room/dining room next. We are still wrapping up a few projects in there, so I want to get it all finished before posting about it. We have done the most in there and I am so so excited about it!

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