Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving day!

 Moving day went much quicker and smoother then I thought it would! We were very lucky to have a lot of family volunteer to help us!

It's pretty crazy that just about everything we own all fit into our living/dinning room area!

Cash's playroom! Not a very safe looking playroom on moving day!

Our bedroom got a face lift the day before we moved in, though it took me a few weeks to finally finish it all! The color is Martha Stewart's Plumage color matched to Behr. Its very different from anything we've ever done before, but we love it.
Cash enjoyed moving day! He adjusted to the move just fine. He liked just walking around and looking at things for the first few days. One of his favorite things was listening to himself walk on the wood floors. We have a crawlspace so it makes more noise then our old house did. That's a good thing though! I love all the creaks that our old wood floors make, it makes me smile.

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