Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our floors really need to be refinished at some point in the future, so our hallway wasn't really looking very nice. A long time ago there was a floor heater and when they removed it they replaced the boards and its totally noticeable. It looks like a big dark box and when you look into the hall your eye is immediately drawn to it. So we decided rather then buying a runner for the hallway why not paint one?!

First I taped off the area we wanted to paint and painted the whole thing white.

After the white was painted I waited for it to dry and started brainstorming how to do the chevron patterned I had visioned.

When I started I was measuring and taping, it was a huge pain! I ended up making a stencil out of cardboard and traced it on and then taped. It was still a huge pain, but an easier pain!

All taped and ready to paint!

Painting the stripes!

All finished! We love it! It really makes the hallway look so much nicer, and you can't even tell where the box is. I still need to do a few coats of polyurethane, but I'm waiting for it to dry a bit more.

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